Appreciating the faithfulness of God

By Paul Hammons
Sept. 23, 2018

The faithfulness of God is the component upon which everything we believe rests. If God is not faithful, then we have no assurance of our salvation, we have no trust that He will be merciful to us, or that His word is even still in effect for us today.

We often think of faithfulness from our standpoint, in terms of being “a faithful Christian,” which we may view as being someone who is “full of faith.” But the term refers to a quality that allows others to place their faith in the one who is faithful. In understanding what faithfulness is in relation to God, the first question should always be: “To what is God faithful?”

The Bible mentions six areas in which God is faithful:

  • God is faithful in His nature
  • God is faithful in His word
  • God is faithful in His judgment
  • God is faithful in His love
  • God is faithful in His mercy
  • God is faithful in His promises

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