Upper West Manhattan church of Christ Bible Lecture Series

Our thanks to Sewell Hall for presenting the lecture series “Building God’s Church” over the Labor Day weekend.

Lessons provided a look at the life cycle of the church at Ephesus, from its founding through maturity, looking at the characteristics which made the congregation a pillar of strength in the early church, and the issues which gradually arose and marked them as a flawed congregation in need of repentance.

We’ve posted the lessons here for your encouragement. We experienced audio difficulties on some of the recordings, so apologies for some of the sound issues you may experience.

Lesson 1: Establishing a new church


Lesson 2: Building a strong church


Lesson 3: Uniting diversity in one church


Lesson 4: Guiding the church in truth


Lesson 5: Maintaining loyalty to Christ in the church


Past Lectures Series

Nathan Giles Bible lesson on

UWM church of Christ “Five Guys Lectures: Portraits of Faith”

Thanks to all the speakers who contributed to the Upper West Manhattan church of Christ’s “Five Guys” Bible Lecture Series. Our topic this year was “Portraits of Faith,” and we had an uplifting, encouraging, and challenging weekend of discussions on how we can take lessons from Bible characters such as Abraham, Joseph, Hannah, Peter, and Nehemiah, and apply those principles to our daily lives in serving God.

We have uploaded the audio, and welcome you to download and listen at your convenience, and we pray that the messages help to build you up in your faith in God.

Nehemiah: Faith to Build

Ty Clevenger


Peter: Faith to Grow

Nathan Giles


Hannah: Faith to Pray

Paul Hammons


Joseph: Faith to Wait

Brandon Kerns


Abraham: Faith to Sacrifice

William Jones


2016 Fall Lecture Series: The Fellowship of Believers


Our thanks to Hal Hammons for an encouraging weekend of teaching from the word of God during our Fall Guest Lecture Series. The topic was “The Fellowship of the Believers,” and it gave each of us a lot to apply in our lives of service to God and to each other in the Lord’s church.

Many in today’s religious world don’t see the church as an instrument of worship and glory to God, as much as a tool for bettering their own lives in some way. And it’s true, God’s family is a blessing to us and provides encouragement, love and sometimes even correction. But sometimes it’s easy to forget that the church is Christ’s body, Christ’s temple, and as children of God, we have an awesome responsibility to use our time on this earth to make it a temple fit for the Creator.

Click the links below to listen to each session

UWM Church of Christ Guest Lectures: The Fellowship of Believers

Lesson 1
Our Part

Service to God in His temple isn’t about picking the jobs I want to do, what I find convenient, or doing more than someone else. It’s about engaging in the work of the church with joy and zeal.


Lesson 2
The Glorious Temple of God

What is the difference between God’s temple and those created by men? For one, God’s temple is still standing!



Lesson 3
Nothing Will Be Impossible

Through our faith in Christ, we can win the spiritual warfare going on around us, no matter what our struggle may be.



Lesson 4
It Is Time To Build

Constructing the Lord’s temple means building the church that Christ authorized, building with zeal and joy.



Lesson 5
Daring to Dream

We can build the church that Christ envisioned: one that doesn’t fear the future, that is united in spirit, that forgives joyfully, and that seeks Heaven.


Additional lessons

If you’d like to see some of Hal’s material, you can visit his website at www.HalHammons.com, or click here to listen to some of his lessons at the East Hill church of Christ.