Are you a Christian or a disciple?

By Paul Hammons
March 4, 2018

In our culture, the term “Christian” is applied based on a number of different definitions, but it’s only used three times in the Bible. Those three instances (1 Peter 4:13-16, Acts 26:28, Acts 11:19-26) show us that the term Christian is not one we take on ourselves, but is one that’s applied to us based on our way of life, our relationship to God, and our willingness to suffer for our faith.

The term disciple, however, is used much more frequently, and paints a much more specific picture of how we ought to live if we truly want to wear the name of Christ.

If I am a truly a Christian, I will be zealous for Jesus’ teachings. I will be zealous for other disciples. I will put concerns of God’s kingdom above concerns of this world. And I will grow more and more like my teacher. Those things may make us re-examine whether I’m truly living like a Christian!

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